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I just realized certain similarities in Harry Potter, and Avatar: The Last Airbender

Harry/Aang: a hero that was missing from the world for a while, somewhat reluctant to be the hero.  Lost people close to him to the enemy. Thrown back into the world, and given the task to learn so that he could defeat the enemy (because only he can).

Katara/Hermione:  Somewhat motherly type; smart and powerful. Tries to take care of the group to the best of her abilities. Starting out not knowing too much about her abilities, but learning quickly as she travels. Often the voice of reason, trying to obey the rules. Can become too emotional at times.

Ron/Sokka: Comic relief character. Often underestimated; tries hard and fails easily. Disagrees with katara/hermione a lot.  Has some sense of logic, sometimes more than the rest of the group.

Azula/Bellatrix: Very powerful adversary, doesn’t hesitate to destroy her enemy. Loyal to her leader because she strongly agrees with his cause. Also somewhat psychotic; people fear her for her power, and because of that, she has gone a bit loopy.

Ozai/Voldemort: Enemy to the protagonist, sees the world as impure, and himself as a sort of savior to cleanse it. Sticks with Bellatrix/Azula, but a bit wary of her still. Plans to eliminate a race and rule over that which remains.

I had other comparisons, Iroh/Sirius, Zuko/Draco but i couldn’t post more than 10 pictures. and i couldn’t think of who should be paired with Toph, no one is as awesome as her.

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